Full Tilt Poker’s 100% Up To $600 Sign-Up Bonus
Wednesday, 19. May 2010

As one of the largest and most prestigious online poker rooms, it should come as no surprise that they offer one of the most generous sign-up bonuses in the industry. Players making their first deposit with Full Tilt Poker enjoy a 100% sign-up bonus up to $600. As with all sign-up bonuses offered by online poker rooms, Full Tilt Poker’s sign-up bonus is released when accumulating Full Tilt Points by playing in real money ring games and tournaments.

Players earn Full Tilt Points in real money ring games every time that they are dealt into a hand. Players earn 1 Full Tilt Point for every $1 that is raked from a pot in which they were dealt. Each Full Tilt Point accumulated releases $0.06 of the sign-up bonus. Full Tilt Poker takes a maximum rake of $3 from a pot regardless of the pot size. This means that players can release a maximum of $0.18 per hand or $18 over a hundred hands.

Players earn Full Tilt Points in real money tournaments and Sit & Go’s according to the tournament fees paid. For every $1 paid in tournament fees, players earn 1 Full Tilt Point. For example, a player registering for a $100+$9 tournament will accumulate 9 Full Tilt Points and release $0.54 of their sign-up bonus.

As players play in real money ring games and tournaments, the part of the sign-up bonus that they release is first accumulated in their Bonus Account. Bonus cash in the Bonus Account is transferred into a players cash account in increments of 10% of their first deposit or $20, whichever is achieved first. For example, if a player makes a first deposit of $150 then bonus cash in their Bonus Account will be transferred into their cash account in increments of $15.

Players wishing to see how much bonus they have released and how much is yet to be released can find the information in the Cashier window. In order to open the Cashier window, players must click the Cashier button from the Full Tilt Poker lobby.

Players have 120 days in which to earn their sign-up bonus. After 120 days, any unreleased bonus is forfeited.

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