Season 6 Of High Stakes Poker Comes To A Close
Monday, 10. May 2010

The final episode of Season 6 of High Stakes Poker aired this past Sunday evening at 20:00 ET on the Game Show Network (GSN) and saw Doyle Brunson trying to maintain his streak of 15 straight winning High Stakes Poker sessions.

The episode opened with poker pro Eli Ezra up over $400,000 and with Lex Velhuis down $100,000. Before the action began, the stakes were kicked up to $500/$1,000 with a $300 ante as agreed in consensus by the table.

Brunson started the session with some bad luck and found himself down close to $200,000. Then Brunson found himself in a hand with Veldhuis. Brunson, dealt [QS][7S], and Velhuis made an $11,000 bet from the straddle holding [9S][2S]. Brunson called Velhuis’ pre-flop bet and the flop fell [6][2][3] and both players checked. A jack fell on the turn and Brunson made a $20,500 bet which Velduis called. The river showed a four and Brunson fired a $60,000 bluff which Velduis called with no more than a pair of twos. Brunson never recovered and thus his hopes of a 16 session winning streak were dashed.

The largest pot of the evening saw Betrand “Elky” Grospellier , holding [AD][6D],raising pre flop against Tom “durrrr” Dwan, holding [A][A]. Dwan re raised to $20,800 and Grospellier called. The flop fell [4][6][8] giving Grospellier a pair of sixes. Dwan bet $26,400 and Grospellier called. The turn fell queen and Dwan moved all in. Grospellier called and his fate was sealed. A five fell on the river and Dwan claimed the incredible $255,300 pot.

Dwan was the overall winner of Season 6 of High Stakes Poker and had the honor of shattering the High Stakes Poker ice sculpture with a sledge hammer at the closing credits of the show. GSN has not as yet announced the details regarding the filming of a Season 7 of High Stakes Poker. Check in with the Online Poker Index for the latest news.

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