Strike It Rich With DoylesRoom’s Gold Spree This May And June
Saturday, 8. May 2010

DoylesRoom is offering their members the opportunity to win an extra 4x the Gold Chips in their Gold Spree promotion. All players are required to do in order to qualify is play in real money ring games and tournaments throughout the second half of May. DoylesRoom’s Gold Spree promotion is made up of two periods; the Play Spree period and the Reward Spree period.

The Play Spree period begins on May 15th at 00:01 GMT and ends on June 1st at 11:59 GMT. Each player is assigned a goal of Frequent Player Points to be earned during this period by DoylesRoom. Players may see what goal they have been assigned by going to the My Account page from the DoylesRoom lobby. Players earn Frequent Player Points in DoylesRoom by playing in real money ring games and tournaments. Players earn 1 Frequent Player Point for every $1 that they pay in rake in real money ring games and 7 Frequent Player Points for every $1 that they pay in tournament fees.

The Reward Spree period begins on June 1st at 00:00 GMT and ends on June 17th at 23:59 GMT. Players meeting their Frequent Player Points goal during the Play Spree receive entry into the Gold Spree $25,000 Kamikaze tournament. Players surpassing their Frequent Player Points goal can receive up to a quadruple Gold Chip bonus. The amount of the Gold Chip bonus is dependent upon the player’s performance during the Play Spree period:

Hit Frequent Player Point Goal: Entry to Gold Spree $25,000 Kamikaze tournament
50% Over Goal: Double Gold Chips during Reward Spree period
Double Goal: Quadruple Gold chips during Reward Spree period

Players may use the Gold Chips earned in DoylesRoom’s Gold Spree promotion in lieu of tournament buy ins or to load up on all kinds of cool gear from the new DoylesRoom Store.

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