Join Everest Poker On The 3 Länder Poker Tour
Wednesday, 5. May 2010

Everest Poker, in cooperation with four casinos, will be hosting the inaugural 3 Länder Poker Tour (3LT). “3 Länder” is German for “3 Countries” which is appropriate as the poker tour will have stops in four casinos located in three German speaking countries; Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

With over €1,500,000 in guaranteed prize money, the 3LT will boast the largest total guaranteed prize pool of any poker tour to have taken place in only German speaking countries.

Each and every week, Everest Poker will be giving away a minimum of $20,000 in 3LT prize packages. Everest Poker’s 3LT qualifier schedule is as follows:

3LT Direct Entry 1
Buy In: $336+$24 or a Step 5 Token
Time: Tuesdays, 18:30 GMT
Guaranteed Prize: Four $4,000 3LT prize packages.

3LT Direct Entry 2
Buy In: $100+$9 or a Step 4 Token
Time: Fridays, 20:30 GMT
Guaranteed Prize: One $4,000 3LT prize package.

Players at Everest Poker also may satellite their way into the qualifiers via 3LT Super Turbo Satellites and Everest Steps. The 3LT Super Turbo Satellites schedule is as follows:

3LT Direct Entry 1 3LT Super Turbo Satellite
Buy In: $30+$3
Time: Tuesdays, 3 runnings
Guaranteed Prize: Seat to 18:30 GMT 3LT Direct Entry 1 running on the same day.

3LT Direct Entry 2 3LT Super Turbo Satellite
Buy In: $11+$1
Time: Fridays, 3 runnings
Guaranteed Prize: Seat to 20:30 GMT 3LT Direct Entry 2 running on the same day.

In addition to the 3LT Super Turbo Satellites, players may also win their way into the 3LT Direct Entry tournaments by climbing Everest Steps. Everest Steps are a series of progressive tournaments where players may buy in at the first step and win their way up the steps or buy in at a later step. The higher the step, the higher they buy in. Following is the Everest Step tournament structure.

Below is the 3 Länder Poker Tour 2010 Schedule:

3LT Baden
Buy In: 3,000 CHF
Time: May 27th – May 31st
Guaranteed Prize Pool: €350,000

3LT Warnemünde Beach
Buy In: €2,000+€200
Time: August 27th – August 30th
Guaranteed Prize Pool: €300,000

3LT Hamburg
Buy In: €2,000+€200
Time: October 21st – October 25th
Guaranteed Prize Pool: €400,000

3LT Grand Finale Vienna
Buy In: €2,000+€200
Time: December 17th – December 20th
Guaranteed Prize Pool: €500,000

Join Everest Poker today and accompany them on the inaugural running of the 3 Länder Poker Tour.