DoylesRoom Is Calling All Door Crashers
Thursday, 29. April 2010

DoylesRoom is running their Door Crashers Supervalue Tournament promotion from May 1st through May 14th. DoylesRoom’s Door Crashers Supervalue tournaments are a select group of tournaments that will have $20,000 in collective added cash value. Ten minutes prior to the tournaments’ openings, Doylesroom will announce the tournament via popup to all players online. The Door Crashers Supervalue tournaments will run from 12:00 ET to 02:00 ET and 21:00 ET and 23:00 ET.

Door Crashers Supervalue tournaments will have buy ins ranging from 1 Gold Chip up to $30. Be warned, there is no time to dilly dally; DoylesRoom will allow a maximum of 30 players to register to each of the tournaments.

Gold Chips are a part of DoylesRoom’s loyalty program. Players at DoylesRoom earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs) while playing in real money ring games and tournaments. Players earn 1 FPP for every $1 that they pay in real money ring games and 7 FPPs for every dollar that they pay in tournament fees. Once players earn a certain number of FPPs, they are awarded a Gold Chip.

Join DoylesRoom today and take advantage of their 110% sign-up bonus up to $550.