Let Out The Inner You In Poker Heaven’s Bounty Tournaments
Thursday, 4. March 2010

There is nothing more satisfying in poker than sending another player to the rails in a tournament and seeing the look of disappointment and loss on their face as they walk, shoulders hunched, to the exit. Poker Heaven has found a way of making it even more satisfying with their Bounty tournaments.

With Bounty tournaments, 50% of the buy in goes towards the prize pool and the other 50% goes towards each player’s bounty prize pool. When a player knocks out another player, they get 75% of the losing player’s bounty and the other 25% of the bounty is added to the winning player’s bounty. The prize pool in a Bounty tournament is pays out according to a standard multi table tournament pay out structure.

Visit Poker Heaven and check out their lineup of regularly scheduled bounty tournaments.