Celebrate Your Misfortune With Poker Heaven’s Bad Beat Jackpot
Friday, 23. April 2010

Every poker player can remember back to a day when they had a monster hand, a hand that they thought was unbeatable, that was crushed by an even bigger hand. Usually bad beats will cause a great deal of misery and tears; not at Poker Heaven. Players suffering a bad beat on one of Poker Heaven’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables claim an enormous Bad Beat Jackpot. Poker Heaven collects a small amount of every raked pot

In order to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, the following conditions must be met:

• The bad beat must have occurred on one of Poker Heaven’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables.
• Both hole cards must be used in making both the losing and winning hands.
• The losing hand must be at least quad fours.
• Four or more players must have been dealt into the hand.

With Poker Heaven’s Bad Beat Jackpot, it’s not just the loser of the hand that receives the jackpot cash. The Bad Beat Jackpot is divided amongst the participating players according to the following:

The recipient of the bad beat: 35%
The player with the winning hand: 17.50%
Other players dealt into the hand: 17.50%
Administration fee: 10%
Seed for next Bad Beat Jackpot: 20%

As of today, the Bad Beat Jackpot stands at €216,993.

Join Poker Heaven and turn a bad beat into big cash.