Only The Strongest Last In Ladbrokes Poker’s Survivor Tournaments
Monday, 15. February 2010

Only the strongest online poker players will make it through Ladbrokes Poker’s Survivor tournaments where every second counts. The Survivor tournament structure is perfect for players that love high paced tournament action.

Ladbrokes Poker’s Survivor tournaments are divided into a set number of time based elimination levels. At the conclusion of a level, a percentage of the players with the lowest number of chips are dropped from the tournament. Throughout the tournament, players will find a Survivor Status icon on their Game window that indicates their chip stack status:

The Safe status as represented by the full heart indicates that a player chip stack is currently large enough to avoid being eliminated. The Warning status as represented by the half full heart indicates that the player is on the edge of not qualifying to the next round. The Danger status as represented by the skull and cross bones indicates that the player’s chip stack is below the required size to pass to the next round.

The Survivor tournaments run until a specified number of players remain in the tournament. The players reaching the end of the tournament share the prize pool.

The daily schedule of the Survivor tournaments is:

€2 Survivor
Time: 00:30, 09:15 and 14:45 BST.

€5 Survivor
Time: 03:00, 16:30 and 17:45 BST.

€10 Survivor
Time: 12:30 and 20:30 BST.

€5 Omaha Hi/Lo Survivor
Time: 18:45 BST.

€5 Omaha Survivor
Time: 20:45 BST.

Join Ladbrokes Poker and see if you have what it takes to survive.