The Student Affiliate Program At Ladbrokes Poker
Friday, 12. March 2010

Ladbrokes Poker is very popular amongst university students throughout the U.K. In recognition of this, Ladbrokes Poker is offering students an excellent opportunity to make big money for their poker societies with absolutely no risk.

Ladbrokes Poker’s Student Affiliate Scheme offers students that are serious about promoting Ladbrokes Poker the opportunity to generate some serious money. In addition, the Student Affiliate Scheme costs nothing to set up and nothing to run. In order to be considered an active affiliate, participants must refer a minimum of one new student player every 3 months.

Ladbrokes Poker’s Student Affiliate Scheme pays out according to performance as follows:

Refer: Minimum of 25 active players
Payment: Revenue share, Professional Poker Pack (table, chip sets and cards) and $250 Student Freeroll.

Refer: Minimum of 50 active players.
Payment: Revenue share, 2 Professional Poker Packs and $250 Student Freeroll.

Refer: Minimum of 90 active players.
Payment: Revenue share, 3 Professional Poker Packs and $250 Freeroll.

Joining the Student Affiliate Scheme allows students to customize their own private poker tournaments. Regardless of whether it is a multi table tournament, Sit & Go, freeroll or cash game; Ladbrokes Poker will accommodate.

Join Ladbrokes Poker today and get some of your mates in on the action too.