The Slay The Dragon Bounty Tournament At Ladbrokes Poker
Friday, 23. April 2010

It’s April 23, 2010, today England celebrates St. Georges Day, the patron saint of England. St. George was the legendary dragon slayer that traveled to Libya where he slayed a dragon and won the hand of the maiden.

In celebration of these sketchy heroic acts, Ladbrokes Poker is offering their Slay The Dragon tournament. The Slay The Dragon tournament is a bounty tournament with a buy in of £5 and it kicks off today at 20:00 BST. The £5 buy in goes towards the bounty on your head and Ladbrokes Poker will add £250 towards a prize pool that will award the top finishers according to a standard multi table tournament pay out structure. Players begin with a starting chip stack of 3,000 and the tournament has 8 minute blinds.

Join Ladbrokes Poker today and slay the dragon.