Ladbroke Poker’s Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot
Tuesday, 20. April 2010

Bad beats are a tough part of poker experienced by all players. Ladbrokes Poker has found a way to turn a bad beat loss into a bad beat win with their Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot. The Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot awards cash prizes to players participating in a hand where a bad beat occurred.

In order to qualify for Ladbrokes Poker’s Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot, the following conditions must be met:

The losing hand must be quad eights or better.
At least four players must have been dealt into the hand.
The hand must be a raked hand.
The hands of the winner and loser must include both hole cards and go to a showdown.
The bad beat must occur at a specially marked Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot table.

A $0.50 contribution is made from every pot of the Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot tables and the jackpot contributions accumulate until the Jackpot is claimed. The Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot is distributed as follows:

20% to seed the next Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot
10% towards administrative costs
70% towards winnings
• 50% to the losing hand
• 25% to the winning hand
• 25% shared evenly amongst the players that participated in the hand

Join Ladbrokes Poker today and turn your bad beat into big money.