Rebuy & Add-On Tournaments At Hollywood Poker
Tuesday, 16. March 2010

For players that have busted out of tournaments and wished that they had some recourse other than tears, Hollywood Poker offers Rebuy & Add On tournaments. Rebuy & Add-On tournaments enable players to buy in again to a tournament after having busted out. In most cases, there is a set rebuy period in each Rebuy & Add-On tournament as well a limited number of rebuys allowed. The price to rebuy back into a tournament is equal to the tournaments buy in and the player receives a chip stack equal to that which they received at the tournament's opening. It is important to note that Hollywood Poker does not charge a tournament fee for the rebuy. In other words, if a player busts out of a Rebuy & Add-On tournament with a buy in of $10+$1 then the cost to rebuy would be only $10.

As the tournament's name alludes, Rebuy & Add-On tournaments also allow for add-ons. An add-on allows players a one time chance to increase their stack by a number of chips equal to the starting chip stack of the tournament for a price equal to the buy in. As with rebuys, add-ons are generally available only for a set time period.

Visit Hollywood Poker for a detailed schedule of their lineup of Rebuy & Add-On tournaments.