Qualifying For The Big Table Tournaments At Hollywood Poker
Thursday, 1. April 2010

Hollywood Poker offers their players the opportunity to turn a nominal buy in into tens of thousands of dollars with their extensive schedule of qualifier tournaments. Qualifier tournaments award winners with tournament tickets in lieu of cash prizes. Let us say for example that there is $500 in the prize pool of a qualifier tournament and the buy in of the tournament to which the qualifier feeds into is $100. The qualifier will award 5 tickets to the top 5 finishers. In the event that there is money left over in the prize pool, the left over money is distributed amongst the top finishers according to a standard tournament structure.

The following chart outlines the qualifier tournament structure at Hollywood Poker:

All of the tickets won by way of qualifiers at Hollywood Poker may be used for both standard cash tournaments, featured events and various different qualifiers having the same value.

Visit Hollywood Poker for a detailed schedule of their detailed qualifier tournament schedule.