The Caribbean Stud Jackpot At Carbon Poker
Saturday, 13. February 2010

Grab your straw hat and a cocktail with a little umbrella, there’s a Caribbean Stud Jackpot at Carbon Poker. Carbon Poker’s Caribbean Stud Jackpot is progressive and grows with each passing hand.

Players at Carbon Poker’s Caribbean Stud tables may insert a Jackpot entry into the entry slot in addition to their regular bet with the dealer. Inserting a Jackpot ensures that players are in the running for the Jackpot prizes.

The Caribbean Stud Jackpot pays out a percentage of the jackpot according to the hand the player hits. The Caribbean Stud Jackpot pays out the following hands in the following percentages:

Royal Flush: 100%
Straight Flush: 10%
Four of a kind: $100
Full House: $75
Flush: $50

Join Carbon Poker where everything is always Irie.

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