Relieve The Pain With Carbon Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot
Saturday, 17. April 2010

Have you ever held quads and bet the kitchen sink only to have your hopes dashed before your eyes when an opponent through down higher quads or even a straight flush? Do you remember the pain? Carbon Poker helps their players work through the agony with a huge pile of cash in their Bad Beat Jackpot promotion.

Players participating in Carbon Poker’s Bad Beat tables have the opportunity to win the massive Bad Beat Jackpot should they suffer a bad beat.

$0.50 from every pot in the Bad Beat tables go towards the Bad Beat Jackpot. Once a player suffers a bad beat, then the bad beat loser and every player that participated in the hand share in the Bad Beat Jackpot according to the Bad Beat Payout structure:

The Loser: 35%
Reseeding The Pot: 20%
To Winner: 17.5%
To other participants in the hand: 17.5%

In order for players to qualify for Carbon Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot, the following conditions must be met:

• The losing hand must be a minimum of quad 7’s.
• The winning hand must be a minimum of quad 8’s.
• Both hole cards must be utilized when making the winning and losing hands.
• A minimum of 4 players must have been dealt in at the beginning of the hand.
• The game must go to a showdown.

As of today, the Bad Beat Jackpot stands at $131,289.00.

Join Carbon Poker where your worst beat might win you big money.