Shootout Tournaments At Carbon Poker
Thursday, 7. January 2010

In a standard tournament structure, online poker rooms will constantly balance tables in a tournament so as to ensure that all tables remain as full as possible until the final table. Players never find themselves waiting for an open table and play is continuous.

The tournament structure of Carbon Poker’s Shootout tournaments is quite different. Carbon Poker’s Shootout tournaments are made up of a number of rounds of single table tournaments. Only a certain number of players progress from one round to the next. Players remain at their tables throughout each round without moving until the requisite number of players remain and then they progress to the next round and play until that table is whittled down until the requisite number of players remain and so on until a winner is declared at the final table of the tournament.

Shootout tournaments are an exciting variation of tournament structure made up of several rounds and the fact that Carbon Poker’s poker rooms are run on Merge Gaming Network software ensures a stable, well organized and speedy tournament experience.

Grab your bang stick, there’s a shootout at the Carbon Poker Corral.