The Multi Table Tournament Leaderboard At Carbon Poker
Friday, 9. April 2010

The Carbon Poker Multi Table Tournament Leaderboard awards Carbon Poker’s multi table tournament players for their loyalty and prolific play. Carbon Poker awards points towards the Multi Table Tournament Leaderboard for every multi table tournament throughout each calendar month.

The Multi Table Tournament Leaderboard promotion culminates with the top 100 positions on the leaderboard receiving a seat to the Leaderboard Grand Final. The Leaderboard Grand Final awards the winner with an all expense paid prize package to a major live event that includes tournament buy in, accommodation, travel, a personal Carbon Poker host and an invite to an official Carbon Poker party. But it’s not enough to just make it into the top 100 positions. By popular demand, Carbon Poker has returned to a weighted starting chip stack in the Leaderboard Grand Final where each player’s position on the Multi Table Tournament Leaderboard determines the size of their starting chip stack.

Carbon Poker awards points for multi table tournaments according to a scaled formula which considers the buy ins of the tournaments in which players participate in addition to their finishing positions in the tournaments. Tournaments with a greater number of participants and buy ins count more than tournaments with fewer participants and lower buy ins. Each player’s top 25 tournament results for the month are considered when determining a player’s final Multi Table Tournament Leaderboard score.

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