The Fort Knox Jackpot At VC Poker
Sunday, 7. February 2010

Victor Chandler Poker (VC Poker) enables their players to win over $50,000 in their Fort Knox Progressive Jackpot. Players winning six Fort Knox Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments in a row claim this enormous jackpot.

VC Poker’s Fort Knox Sit & Go tournaments are six player tournaments with a buy in of $50+$9. Players winning in six Fort Knox Sit & Go’s consecutively claim the Fort Knox Jackpot in addition to their tournament winnings. The Fort Knox Jackpot is progressive and grows each passing week until someone succeeds in claiming it. Once it is claimed, VC Poker resets the jackpot to $50,000.

VC Poker, in their unrelenting kindness, offers a consolation prize as well. Players finishing in either first or second place in six Fort Knox Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments consecutively each win $750 cash.

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