The Royal Flush Bonus At DoylesRoom
Sunday, 11. April 2010

Hit the biggest hand in poker in DoylesRoom’s online poker rooms and claim a big cash bonus. Players winning a hand of Texas Hold’em with a Royal Flush claim DoylesRoom’s Royal Flush Bonus. The size of the Royal Flush Bonus claimed is dependent upon the stakes of the game in which the Royal Flush was hit according to the following:

$0.02/$0.04 – $0.10/$0.20: $50 cash bonus
$0.25/$0.50 – $0.50/$1: $150 cash bonus
$1/$2 – $5/$10: $500 cash bonus
$8/$16 – $500/$1,000: $1,000 cash bonus

The Royal Flush Bonus is only relevant for Texas Hold’em real money ring games. In order to earn the bonus, the Royal Flush must win the hand in the showdown and both hole cards must be used in order to make the hand. Players fulfilling all of the conditions must submit the hand’s Hand ID to a DoylesRoom customer service representative via live chat, email or by telephone in order to claim the Royal Flush Bonus.

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