Bodog Poker Has Poker Games Geared Towards Beginner Players
Sunday, 6. December 2009

The saying that one must “pay” for their poker education is a simple poker truth. A typical tournament will have a prize structure that rewards between 8% and 15% of the top finishers. This means that in order for a player to finish in the money, they are required to out play between 85% and 92% of the tournament’s participants. For a beginner player seeking to experience the excitement of tournament poker, this can seem a monumental task as well as a drain on the bankroll.

Beginner tournaments at Bodog Poker offer participants twice the chance to finish in the money in comparison to the prize structure of a typical tournament. With twice as many people finishing in the money, the Beginner tournaments allow players to finish in the money with greater frequency thus better maintaining their bankroll. Bodog Poker offers two types of Beginner tournaments, Beginner Sit & Go tournaments and Beginner Scheduled tournaments.

Beginner Sit & Go tournaments can be found under the Sit and Go Tournaments tab in the Bodog Poker lobby. Beginner Sit & Go tournaments run 24/7 and begin once 10 players have been seated. Beginner Sit & Go tournaments come in four different buy in amounts: $2.20, $4.40, $8.80 and $17.60. In Beginner Sit & Go tournaments, 50% of the players finish in the money as opposed to Bodog Poker’s standard Sit & Go tournaments where only 30% of the players finish in the money.

Beginner Scheduled tournaments run at a regularly scheduled time each day. These tournaments can be found under the Scheduled Tournaments tab in the Bodog Poker lobby. Players may register for Beginner Scheduled tournaments from two hours before the tournament’s starting time. Beginner Scheduled tournaments have a buy in of $4+$0.40. These tournaments pay out according to the number of players registered; generally, the number of players that finish in the money in Beginner Scheduled tournaments is twice that of Bodog Poker’s standard scheduled tournaments.

Visit Bodog Poker today and see why it is one of the premier sites for the beginner player.