Win Cash Without Any Risk At Bodog Poker
Thursday, 18. February 2010

Bodog Poker currently offers their players two daily $500 Freeroll tournaments. The two $500 Freeroll tournaments grant players the opportunity to play for cash prizes without the risk of having to put up a buy in. These freeroll tournaments are perfect for the beginner looking start up their bankroll and the experienced player looking for some practice and to pad their bankroll.

Bodog Poker’s $500 Freeroll tournaments are scheduled daily at 14:40 ET and 21:40 ET. The $500 Freeroll tournaments are open to a maximum number of participants so players shouldn’t wait until the last minute to register. In order to register, players should navigate to the Scheduled Tournaments tab in the Bodog Poker lobby and search for the desired tournament in the list.

While the $500 Freeroll tournaments are free to enter, they do offer $1 rebuys and $1 add-ons. Participants in the $500 Freeroll tournaments start with 1,000 chips and are given the option to rebuy an additional 1,500 chips for $1 at any time that their stack goes below 1,000 in the time leading up to the first break. The first break occurs after 60 min. of poker play. During the first five minute break, all players, regardless of their stack size, are given the option to add-on 2,000 chips for $1.

In the event that the sum of all of the rebuys and the add-ons exceeds the $500 prize pool, the additional moneys will be added to the prize pool and distributed according to the payout schedule appearing in the tournament lobby.

Visit Bodog Poker today and see why they are an excellent poker room for the beginner player.