Freeroll Tournaments At bwin Poker
Sunday, 4. April 2010

The freeroll tournaments available on bwin Poker are a perfect way for the beginner player to start building their bankroll. Freeroll tournaments are absolutely free to player; they have no buy ins and no fees. Prizes for freeroll tournaments can vary; sometimes consisting of tickets to other tournaments and sometimes it’s simply pure cash.

There are four variations of freeroll tournaments available at bwin Poker:

Open Cash Freerolls
Open cash freeroll tournaments offer cash prizes and are open to anyone with a registered account at bwin Poker

Restricted Freeroll Qualifiers
Freeroll tournaments that offer entry into other tournaments as a prize. In order to enter Restricted Freeroll Qualifiers, players must fulfill some kind of requirement such as having earned a certain minimum of Player Points within a specific time period.

Restricted Cash Freerolls
Restricted Cash Freerolls offer cash prizes to those finishing above a certain position. In order to collect the cash prize from these freerolls, many times players are required to accrue Player Points.

Player Point Tournament
Freeroll tournaments with a Player Point buy in.

With no money down and nice cash prizes on the line, freeroll tournament are the perfect way for experienced players to sharpen their skills and novice players to pad their bankrolls.

Visit bwin Poker today for their extensive schedule of freeroll tournaments.