Online Poker Data Mining Complaint Considered By “Isildur1”
Friday, 25. December 2009

“Isildur1” has been very careful about maintaining his secret identity since bursting onto the scene on Full Tilt Poker. “Isildur1” recorded huge wins over Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Illari “Zigmund” Sahamies followed by a couple of big losses after sessions with Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey and Brian Townsend. His huge million dollar swings caught the attention and imagination of the entire poker world.

While “Isildur1” accrued massive losses to Phil Ivey and others, it was his record breaking session against CardRunners instructor Brian Hastings that really created a buzz in online poker. After 5 hours of high-stakes high intensity heads-up Pot Limit Omaha action, Hastings succeeded in walking away from the virtual felt with $4.2 of “Isildur1”’s money.

In an interview with ESPN, Brian Hastings openly admitted to having shared hand histories with Brian Townsend and Cole South in an effort to gain an understanding of “Isildur1”’s poker strategies. During the interview, Hastings gave credit to Brian Townsend who, he claimed, “analyzed a database of heads-up hands that “Isildur1” had played.”

According to the Terms and Conditions established in Full Tilt Poker, the sharing of such information is not allowed and violation of the policy is subject to “maximum penalties for prohibited software use.”

“Isildur1” has declared that he is strongly considering filing a complaint as he believes that Hastings’ victory is a case where “the sharing of hand histories directly affected the match.”

The collusion resulted in a month-long suspension for Brian Townsend from Full Tilt as a Red Pro, meaning that he won’t be collecting any benefits such as 100% rakeback, but will be allowed to continue playing on Full Tilt Poker. Townsend confessed to the violation on his blog but went on to state that all of the information that he received could be taken from watching the game.

“Isildur1” has practically disappeared from Full Tilt Poker since his controversial hammering at the hands of Brian Hastings. “Isildur1” still maintains an account with Full Tilt and plans on returning to full action once Full Tilt has finished ruling on the Townsend/Hastings situation.

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