The $150,000 Extreme Points Race This April At DoylesRoom
Thursday, 18. March 2010

Members of DoylesRoom have five different ways to win a piece of the $150,000 prize pool of the $150,000 Extreme Points Race promotion. All players have to do to qualify for the prize is earn as many Frequent Player Points (FPPs) throughout the month of April. FPPs are earned at DoylesRoom by playing in real money ring games and tournaments where 1FPP is awarded players for every $1 paid in rake and 7 FPPs for every $1 paid in tournament fees.

DoylesRoom’s $150,000 Extreme Points Race promotion is made up of four different FPP Leaderboard races; four weekly $25,000 FPP Leaderboard races and one $50,000 FPP Leaderboard race covering the entire month of April. In considering the $50,000 FPP Leaderboard race; with each progressive week, the FPPs are multiplied by an additional multiplier as displayed below:

$25,000 Race 1
April 1st – April 9th: Monthly Points x1

$25,000 Race 2
April 10th – April 16th: Monthly Points x2

$25,000 Race 3
April 17th – April 23rd: Monthly Points x3

$25,000 Race 4
April 24th – April 30th: Monthly Points x4

$50,000 Race
April 1st – April 30th

The top 200 positions in the weekly $25,000 race leaderboards cash. The top 300 positions in the monthly $50,000 race leaderboard cash.

Visit DoylesRoom for more information regarding their great lineup of promotions for the month of April.