The First Week Of April Is Rake Free At bet365 Poker
Friday, 19. March 2010

bet365 Poker experienced a great deal of success with their Rake Free Fridays; as a result, they have decided to extend the offer to an entire Rake Free Week. Players must opt in for the Rake Free Week promotion no later than April 7th at 23:00 GMT.
bet365 Poker’s Rake Free Week promotion runs from April 1st through April 7th. On April 8th, players will receive a special bonus equaling the rake and tournament fees they paid out over the course of the Rake Free Week promotion. In order to qualify, players must generate a minimum of $10 in rake and tournament fees with the promotion paying up to a maximum of $100 in bonus cash. Players with VIP levels of Gold, Platinum and Diamond have no limit to the bonus cash that they can earn from the Rake Free Week promotion.

In order for players to release their bonus cash, they must accrue Merit Points. For every 1,200 Merit Points accrued, bet365 Poker will release $10 in bonus. Merit Points are earned every time players participate in real money games and tournaments. Players earn Merit Points from real money ring games on a weighted scale according to how much is paid in rake with the maximum being 17.6 Merit Points being earned when paying between $2.01 and $5.00 in rake. Players earn 15 Merit Points for every $1 paid in tournament fees.

Players have until April 30th at 23:59 to redeem their cash bonus from the Rake Free Week promotion after which the bonus cash will expire.

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