All You Need Is A Chip And A Chair At Everest Poker
Wednesday, 6. January 2010

Everest Poker’s Chip And A Chair promotion gives participants the opportunity to become a tournament winner with almost no risk. As the name suggests, for $1, participants receive a single chip and a chair at a table. The Chip And A Chair tournaments are a very popular attraction at Everest Poker and will typically offer a sizeable prize pool. For a nominal buy in of $1, players get the opportunity to gain multi table tournament experience with little risk; perfect for beginner players.

The Chip And A Chair tournaments are easy to find. Players must simply go to the Everest Poker lobby and search under the Scheduled Tournaments section for the tournaments labeled “Chip and a Chair” that display a $1+0 buy in. Prize pools are determined by the total number of players registered.

All it takes at Everest Poker is a chip and a dream.