Dwan Drives Lead Over Antonius Above A Million In The “durrrr” Challenge
Saturday, 30. January 2010

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius found time for a second “durrrr” Challenge session in 24 hours yesterday morning. The two played 892 hands in 3 hours and 18 minutes with Dwan adding an additional $199,442 to his lead over Antonius. After 31,912 hands, Dwan has amassed a total lead of $1,077,932.

Dwan dominated this latest session from the get go allowing Antonius to ease the carnage only in the latter half of the session. The second largest pot of the session found Antonius on the winning end earning him just short of $190,000. Antonius opened the betting with $1,200, Dwan fired back with a 3-bet of $3,600 only to have Antonius go over the top with $10,800. Dwan made the call and the flop fell [Q♦][9♠][5♥]. Antonius fired a $15,200 bet which Dwan check-called and they went to the turn which fell [8♣]. Dwan fired a $52,000 bet and Antonius shoved all-in with his remaining $68,997. Dwan made the call turning [K♣][10♣][9♦][7♣] for a wrap draw. Antonius; however, made the queen-high straight with [Q♣][J♦][10♠][8♦]. The river fell [3♦] and Antonius took the $189,993 pot.

Dwan saw the third largest pot of the session, over $169,000, go his way an hour later. Dwan opened with a $1,200 bet with [J♦][9♠][6♥][2♦]. Antonius looked down at a great hand with [A♥][A♣][9♣][5♠] and fired back with a 3-bet of $3,600. Dwan called and hit bottom two pair with the [Q♦][6♠][2♠] flop. With aces, Antonius fired a $6,000 which was called by Dwan. The turn fell [2♣] giving Dwan deuces full and Antonius fired yet again making it $14,800 to go. Dwan re-raised to $38,500 and Antonius repotted to $134,700 causing Dwan to call all-in for a total of $75,039. The river fell [4♣] and the massive $169,277 pot went to Dwan to Antonius’ sanguine.

Only one of the 892 hands played yesterday came close to reaching the $200,000 mark. Antonius fired a $1,200 dollar bet holding a hand of [A♣][K♣][Q♣][2♥] and was met with a 3-bet of $3,600 from Dwan holding [J♠][8♠][6♦][5♦]. Antonius saw top pair and Dwan straight and flush draws when the flop fell [A♠][9♣][7♠]. Dwan checked which saw a bet of $6,000 from Antonius and Dwan raised to $22,000. Antonius called and they went to the turn which showed [Q♥]. The turn missed Dwan but left Antonius with top two pair. All of the money went in and Antonius bled more money when the [5♥] fell on the river completing Dwan’s straight. The straight gave Dwan the pot of $192,830.

With just over 18,000 hands left in the challenge, Antonius is down nearly $1.1 million to Dwan. Such a lead may appear an insurmountable struggle; however, it is certainly achievable when considering the size of the pots that the challenge has seen.

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