Dwan Takes $58,781 Lead Over Antonius In “durrrr” Challenge
Friday, 29. January 2010

After 36 days of inactivity, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius met online early Thursday morning for 1,256 hands of $200/$400 pot-limit Omaha. After approximately four hours of play, Dwan overcame early losses to finish $58,781 ahead and expanded his overall lead over Antonius to a whopping $878,490 in the “durrrr” Challenge hosted on Full Tilt Poker.

11 months into the challenge, the two have played 31,020 hands with 18,980 hands left to go on their steady march to finish the 50,000 hands of the challenge. This latest win means that Dwan has profited in six of the last seven “durrrr” Challenge sessions.

Of the four tables in play, Table 1 saw the most action by far, with four of the five $100,000+ pots, in this latest session with both players jockeying their stacks into the six-figure range. The first monster pot of the session went to Dwan when, with [A♥][A♠][J♠][10♠], Dwan went up against Antonius, with [7♦][6♠][5♠][3♣], on a [A♣][8♥][4♥] flop. Dwan hit quads when the ace hit the turn and he took down the $110,390 pot.

Antonius soon made the loss back with some great play and took down a $115,599 pot. Antonius opened from the button with a $1200 dollar bet, followed by a 3-bet by Dwan to which Antonius called. Dwan punched out a $4,800 bet on the [6♣][4♦][2♠] flop which was called by Antonius. The turn fell [8♥] and Dwan fired yet again making it $12,200 for Antonius to go. Antonius made the call and the river fell [8♠]. Dwan check-called on Antonius’ $37,200 bet on the river and mucked when Antonius showed [J♠][8♣][5♣][4♥] for a full house.

The biggest hand of their latest session resulted in a $118,000 pot that went to Dwan when he hit it big on the river. Antonius opened from the button with a $1,200 bet followed by a 3-bet from Dwan. The flop fell [J♣][9♦][5♦]. Dwan laid down a $1,200 bet which Antonius then raised to $21,600 and Dwan called. When the turn came [AS], Dwan went all-in with his remaining $33,994 to which Antonius called. Antonius turned [A♦][J♦][8♦][4♥] with top two pair and the nut flush draw and Dwan turned [K♠][W♣][Q♦][J♠] with a pair of queens and a gutshot straight draw. The river revealed a [10♣] giving Dwan the Broadway straight.

Antonius soon cut Dwan’s lead when he stole a $93,000 pot. A [Q♦][8♥][6♠][4♠] hand saw Dwan open with a $1,200 bet to which Antonius 3-betted with [A♠][A♣][10♦][5♦]. Dwan made the call and hit a low pair on the [J♣][8♦][4♥] flop. Antonius checked with his aces and Dwan threw out a $7,200 bet to which Antonius called. With the [K♦] on the turn, Antonius was looking at a nut flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. Antonius laid down a bet for $21,600 to which Dwan responded by shoving all-in for $77,591. Antonius called Dwan and the river fell [K♠] giving Antonius aces and kings and the $93,178 pot.

With a mere three weeks until the first anniversary of the “durrrr” Challenge, it does not appear that the two will finish their match before reaching the one year mark.

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