Mansion Poker Goes Topsy Turvy In Their April Fools Reverse Tournament
Thursday, 11. March 2010

Mansion Poker is running a fun and unusual tournament this April 1st called the April Fools Reverse Tournament. The April Fools Reverse tournament has a buy in of only $5+$0.50 with an additional $500 added to the total prize by Mansion Poker. The tournament plays just as any other normal tournament; however the payout positions are reversed. Let us say for example that the tournament pays out the top 10 finishers. In the April Fools Reverse format, the 10th place finisher gets the top prize, the 9th place finisher gets the 2nd best price, etc. The format of the tournament is sure to make the scramble for the payout positions in the April Fools Reverse tournament pretty wild.

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