The NASPL Against US Federal Control Of Online Gambling
Sunday, 8. January 2012

The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) has spoken out in opposition of the US Federal government controlling online lotteries and gambling. The NASPL is an organization that speaks for all 52 of the legal lotteries in the US in addition to those in Canada.

The NASPL published a statement on their website declaring that the organization was against the US federal government “encroaching” on the “traditional state prerogative” to regulate gambling within their own borders. According to the statement, the NASPL believes that states are “uniquely qualified” to represent their citizens and should do so by “regulating gaming within their borders.”

In response to the US Department of Justice’s recently released opinion that the Wire Act only applied to sportsbetting, a spokesman from the NASPL said that the organization was interpreting the opinion in the same way that everyone else was that “except for sportsbetting,” that a state’s online casinos would be legal to play in “as long as sales or wagers take place in that state.”

The NASPL was founded in 1971 having evolved from an informal communications between a number of lottery directors into the association it is today. Canadian members of the NASPL include the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, Gaming Corporation, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Loto Quebec, Atlantic Lottery and Ontario Lottery.

In 2010, lotteries throughout North America saw a total of $25 billion in net profits.

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