Phil Ivey’s Ex-Wife Alleges Conspiracy And Sues
Saturday, 24. December 2011

Luciaetta Ivey, Phil Ivey’s ex-wife, has filed suit against Phil Ivey as well two Las Vegas Attorneys alleging that the three conspired to cheat her out of a significant portion of Phil Ivey’s wealth.

Luciaetta Ivey has filed suit against Phil Ivey; David Chesnoff, his attorney, and her former attorney John Spilotro in the U.S. District Court of Nevada. Luciaetta claims that Spilotro not only failed to safeguard her interests as her lawyer but further “engaged in a combination and conspiracy” with Phil Ivey and Chesnoff during the Ivey’s divorce proceedings in 2009.

According to the lawsuit, Phil claimed an income of just over $8 million in 2008 and that Luciaetta’s former attorney, Spilotro, did not attempt to verify the validity of the amount prior to allowing Luciaetta to enter into the “disadvantageous” divorce settlement.

Luciaetta also filed a petition with the Nevada Supreme Court this past November that stated that three months after her divorce with Phil, Phil had made a $5,000 contribution towards the re-election campaign of Judge Bill Gonzalez, the same family court judge that presided over their divorce. She further alleged that Phil stopped making payment towards spousal support in April 2011. In a response filed by Phil, he stated that the $180K monthly alimony payments were tied to his sponsorship with Tiltware. Tiltware is the parent company of Full Tilt Poker and his sponsorship ostensibly ended when the U.S. Department of Justice seized the Full Tilt Poker domain on Black Friday back in April. As such, he stated that he is no longer responsible for those payments.

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