Roberto Luongo Under Fire For Appearance In Poker Advertisements
Tuesday, 1. November 2011

Roberto Luongo, goalie for the Vancouver Canucks, has recently come under fire for his appearance in commercials for The commercials show Luongo seated at a poker table and it is implied that if you join then you will have the opportunity to play against him.

A spokesman for the poker site stated that Luongo has a real account with the online poker room and is welcome to play whenever he wishes. He further states that Luongo will be hosting a live charity poker tournament and everyone is welcome to participate.

Addiction counselor, Candace Plattor, stated that Luongo is “endorsing something that is potentially dangerous.” She went on to say that she felt that he is acting as a poor role model. She felt that his appearance in ads was tantamount to telling kids and all people to “go and smoke.”

Roberto Luongo made it to the final table of the NHL Charity Shootout at the 2009 World Series of Poker. He defended the ads, saying that he has always “enjoyed playing poker,” he loves the competitive nature of the game and that it is one of his passions.

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