The Kahnawake Gaming Commission Looks To Assist Poker Players
Sunday, 30. October 2011

Close to seven months has passed since the events of Black Friday when the US government shut down PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UB Poker and many players still find themselves unable to access their funds; including, many players from the Cereus Poker Network.

Of the companies that have closed down, only PokerStars stood up and made good on paying back funds to their US members. Full Tilt Poker was the second largest site in the world at the time and has still to make any moves towards paying back their US players. Full Tilt Poker has garnered the most media attention owing players hundreds of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, UB Poker and Absolute Poker, from the Cereus Poker Network, have not drawn very much attention even though they still owe their US players millions of dollars.

Out of frustration, many of the US players from the Cereus Network have contacted the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in an effort to get assistance in getting back their money. As a result, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission sent all of the affected poker players an email.

In the email, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission stated that they were working towards a beneficial solution to the issue and that all of the legal negotiations were nearing a close and that player balances “are the Commission’s highest priority.”

The first few days following the events of Black Friday resulted in a great deal of panic for US players with money in the affected poker rooms. As mentioned above, PokerStars moved fairly quickly in closing their outstanding debts. Full Tilt Poker; however, is still either unable or unwilling to pay back the hundreds of millions of dollars trusted to them by players around the world; including, Canadian players.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission stated that they have been monitoring the situation with UB Poker and Absolute Poker and have simply not been able to provide players with updates due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing negotiations.

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