Entraction Poker Network To Stop Service To Canadian Players
Monday, 12. September 2011

The Entraction Network has announced that they have added Canada to their list of countries that they will no longer being provided service to. As of September 29th, players from Norway, Israel, Russia, Turkey and now Canada will no long be allowed to play on any of the online poker rooms on the Entraction Network. The members of the Entraction Network includes Victor Chandler, Betsson Poker and NoIQ Poker.

The Entraction Network, as countless other online gambling companies, has its hopes on getting a foothold into the US market should online poker become regulated on the federal level. Norway, Israel, Russia and Turkey all have very clear laws in place against online gambling as well as money transfers between persons and online gaming sites. It is assumed that if a company has a history of accepting wagers from players located in countries where online gaming is illegal then this history could work to impede their efforts to enter the US market. That having been said, it is not at all clear as to why the Entraction Network is extracting themselves from the Canadian market when considering that online gaming is legal in Canada.

A number of online gaming companies have removed themselves from the Canadian market since the US passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) back in 2006; including, Boss Media, Paddy Power Poker and Neteller. When considering that the UIGEA has nothing to do with Canada and that there are no laws against online gaming in Canada, nor do there appear to be any plans to create any, it simply boggles the mind.

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