The Titan Double Progressive Jackpot At Titan Poker
Monday, 8. March 2010

Titan Poker offers their Titan Double tournaments each and every night giving their players the opportunity to win tournament prize money as well as a share of extra cash from the Titan Double Progressive Jackpot.

In order to qualify for the Titan Double daily promotion, players must register for both tournaments of a Titan Double series. The Titan Double tournaments each have buy ins of $5+$1 and run every evening; one at 21:35 GMT and the other 5 minutes later at 21:40 GMT. Fifty cents is withheld from each tournament’s registration fee and goes towards the Jackpot. The Titan Double Jackpot begins at $1,000 and increases daily until the Jackpot is claimed.

Players don’t have to win both tournaments in order to claim a piece of the Titan Double Jackpot. Players reaching the final table in both tournaments share 50% of the fees set aside for the Jackpot that day. Players finishing in the top 3 positions of both tournaments each receive $200 cash which comes from the Jackpot.

The Titan Poker Jackpot is currently $1,089.75, join Titan Poker and claim it today.

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