Full Tilt Poker Hearing Continues In September And Players Are Left Hanging
Tuesday, 26. July 2011

The fate of Full Tilt Poker hung in the balance earlier today in their hearing before the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) and the entire poker world was watching, in particular those players and partners to whom they owe money (myself counted amongst them). The hearing was scheduled to allow the AGCC and Full Tilt Poker to bring forward any evidence that they deemed relevant as regards the suspension of Full Tilt Poker’s gaming license just short of a month ago.

Unfortunately for the countless thousands of players still owed money by Full Tilt Poker, Martin Heslop, Full Tilt Poker’s legal counsel, requested that the hearing be adjourned and that the hearings be rescheduled and made private, out of the public eye. He argued that there was no disadvantage to holding the hearings in a private setting and that if the hearing was to be public then there was a very good chance that certain evidence could come to the fore that could very well hurt the company’s acquisition of new investors. Full Tilt Poker’s request for a adjournment was granted by the AGCC and the hearing were reschedule for no later than September 15th.

Spectators at the hearing were visibly disappointed, amongst them professional poker player Harry Demetriou who left the room visibly incensed yelling “What about the interests of the players? Why are you protecting this corrupt company?’ to the applause of fellow spectators.

The AGCC saw merit in Martin Heslop’s argument. While they certainly felt it necessary to hold a formal hearing, they also felt that any investment that Full Tilt Poker might receive will give the hundreds of thousands of Full Tilt Poker players left in the lurch a better chance of having their money returned. The AGCC commissioners adjourned the meeting and agreed that it should continue at a time no later than September 15th. The exact date and location of the hearing will be announced in the future.

While we try and be neutral here at the Online Poker Index, it has to be said that Full Tilt Poker’s behavior towards their once loyal customer base is nothing short of shameful. To this day, Full Tilt Poker has yet to issue an explanation to the people whose money they basically hold hostage. Full Tilt Poker was the number two online poker room in the world…what happened to all of the money? Where is all of that money that players had deposited in their accounts? The money that the company was making off of rake and tournament fees wasn’t enough for their management? They couldn’t buy enough houses and enough boats? The truly ridiculous thing is that their website is still up and mentions absolutely nothing about the situation, only a mind-numbing System Update message that states that their “system is currently down.”

Simply embarrassing!

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