Full Tilt Poker’s Poker Room Is Shut Down And Their Gaming License Is Suspended
Wednesday, 29. June 2011

If you were online with Full Tilt Poker today or tried to login, chances are that you came across a message that stated that the site was temporarily down due to maintenance. Just as Full Tilt Poker was not at all forthcoming regarding any information relating to the events of Black Friday, it would appear that their lack of communication with their members continues. While their site is definitely down, there is nothing temporary about it and it has nothing to do with any maintenance. The government body that licenses Full Tilt Poker, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), has, in fact, ordered Full Tilt Poker to cease all operations.

Earlier today, the AGCC has issued suspension notes to the operators of Full Tilt Poker ordering them to “cease to exercise their eGambling licenses.” As such, Full Tilt Poker is forbidden from accepting players, deposits, withdrawal request and they may no longer host any poker games. In short, if you have money with Full Tilt Poker then you can forget about it at least until they appear in court in London on July 26th.

The AGCC explained that the reason for suspending Full Tilt Poker’s license was due to an investigation that they ran as a result of the indictments that unsealed by the US Attorney General’s Office on April 15th. The investigation found that Full Tilt Poker and their cohorts were operating in a way deemed contrary to Alderney legislation necessitating immediate action in advance of the regulatory hearing later next month in London.

The suspension was made public in Alderney earlier today and all activity on Full Tilt Poker’s poker room was stopped soon thereafter. Players were not notified at all by Full Tilt Poker and were simply bounced out of the poker room. When visiting the Full Tilt Poker website, players were greeted by a false message stating that the site was down for maintenance.

As of the moment that this article was written, Full Tilt Poker had yet to issue a statement. Honestly, if their conduct after Black Friday is any indication then I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The suspension of their license by the AGCC is the most significant blow to Full Tilt Poker since the indictments of Black Friday. With hundreds of thousands of US players still waiting for money, it doesn’t come to that much of a surprise. This suspension will undoubtedly put Full Tilt Poker into a deep dark hole which it is unlikely ever to crawl out of.

Since April, Full Tilt Poker has been shopping around for investors. They were looking for a total investment of between $100 and $150 million in order to repay their US players. Unfortunately, now no players will see a single dime of their hard earned money until at least after the hearing later next month.

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