The Bad Beat Jackpot At Poker Heaven Soars Above €750,000
Sunday, 12. June 2011

The Bad Beat Jackpot at Poker Heaven has reached well above the €750,000 mark and is slowly creeping up on €800,000. The Bad Beat Jackpot awards players with a big jackpot when they lose holding a monster hand. There has truly never been a better time to be unlucky!

Everyone who has played poker has at one time or another found themselves in a situation where they were holding a monster hand, where they were absolutely certain that they were holding the winner only to have their hopes dashed by an even bigger hand. That is what is known as a “bad beat.” Well, at Poker Heaven’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables, a big loss means big money.

In order to qualify for the Poker Heaven Bad Beat Jackpot:

* You must be playing at one of the specially marked Bad Beat Jackpot tables.
* Both pocket cards must be used in order to make both the winning and losing hands.
* The losing hand must be a Four of a Kind 10’s or higher.
* A minimum of four players must have been dealt into the hand.

With the Bad Beat Jackpot, it’s not just the losing hand that wins; rather, all of the players involved in the hand get a taste:

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