Anne Arundel County Police Department Enjoys $470,000 In Seized Online Gaming Money
Thursday, 9. June 2011

If you were a U.S. member of Doylesroom, TruePoker, betED or any of the other gaming rooms that had their domains seized by the U.S. Attorney of Maryland on May 23rd and you were curious about what was going on with your money then you need look no further than the Anne Arundel County Police Department (see DoylesRoom Domain Seized By The U.S. Attorney of Maryland , for more information regarding the domain seizures).

On March 23rd, 10 domains were seized as well as 11 bank accounts associated with K23 Financial Services and ThrillX Systems, the two companies that owned the seized domains. These accounts held player funds for the indicted sites. The U.S. Immigration and Customers Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigation (HIS) division awarded the Anne Arundel County Police Department with $470,407.62 from money that was in these accounts.

The ICE HSI ran an undercover operation from the end of 2009. As a part of the operation, the ICE HSI maintained a bogus online payment processor in order to help net online gaming companies that were illegally transferring funds to and from their US players. The name of the fake company was Linwood Payment Solutions and they managed to process well over 300,000 different transactions for a total of over $33,000,000 between December 2009 and the beginning of this year. All of these transactions were made for the two companies named in the indictment.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department worked very closely with the ICE HSI during the investigation. The huge cash gift was made to them in appreciation with their cooperation by the ICE HSI and the police department stated that the money would go towards vehicles, weapons and equipment for their undercover operations.

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