Take The Titan Poker World Challenge
Wednesday, 23. December 2009

Titan Poker is getting ready to launch the largest challenge that it has staged to date in its World Challenge promotion. The Titan Poker World Challenge offers their players the opportunity to represent their country and challenge the world. The top 5 players in the challenge each receive an all expense paid prize package worth $13,000 to the 2010 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.

The challenge starts out with 2 rounds of weekly tournaments for each separate country/region with the results of each country’s/region’s tournaments posted onto leader boards allowing for players to keep track of their position.

Each country/region qualifies a certain number of players with the total number of qualifying players being 200. These 200 players then play in a series of 8 tournaments with the results and rankings again being posted on the Final Leaderboard.

Those players finishing in the top 5 spots on the Final Leaderboard win the $13,000 WSOP Main Event 2010 prize package on top of their earnings from the World Challenge tournaments.

The first round of tournaments begins on January 3rd with 10 weeks of tournaments. The buy ins for the bi-weekly first round tournaments are €5+€0.50. The second round of tournaments begins on March 10 with 8 weeks of tournaments. The buy ins for the bi-weekly second round tournaments are €10+€1. The Final tournaments begin on May 10th and run 3 weeks with a total of 8 tournaments each with buy ins of €15+€1.50.

Join Titan Poker today and rage against the machine in the Titan Poker World Challenge.