US Players Still Not Able To Cashout From Full Tilt Poker
Tuesday, 24. May 2011

Full Tilt Poker’s US players have still yet to receive money left in their Full Tilt Poker player accounts. However, it would appear that the world’s second largest online poker room has begun taking steps towards reimbursement.

While Full Tilt Poker has yet to transfer any money to their US player, it would appear that they have begun to take steps towards consolidating player accounts and rewards payments in what will hopefully result in cashouts. This past Friday, US players began seeing that rakeback payments were beginning to appear in their player accounts. Full Tilt Poker’s rakeback program was amongst the very best online partly due to the incredibly high availability of games on the site prior to Black Friday . The program offered players a big refund of 27% on rake and tournament fees that was deposited directly into player accounts weekly. After Black Friday, all of these rakeback transactions stopped and players and rakeback affiliates were concerned that they would never receive the money that they had earned. The appearance of rakeback payments in US player accounts went a long way to assuage fears, even though no money has actually been transferred to US player’s US bank accounts.

US players also began to notice on Friday that Full Tilt Poker was beginning to convert player rewards and tickets that they had won into cash and began moving the money into player accounts. Full Tilt Poker posted a notice on their website addressing how everything would be worked out. The notice explained that all tournament dollars, tournament tickets and cash game tickets that were purchased prior to April 15th (Black Friday) would be converted into real money and appear in US player accounts as cash.

Iron Man medals accumulated by US players will be converted into Full Tilt Points as will Academy credits. While Full Tilt Poker does not expect to have their site available to US players at any time in the foreseeable future, they do plan to reopen the Full Tilt Poker Store to access by US customers so that players can use their Full Tilt Points. Regarding player Iron Man and Black Card statuses, the site will be freezing them with the hopes that US players may one day be able to return to play at Full Tilt Poker one day.

While Full Tilt Poker has been making steps in the right direction, it is still unknown when US players will be reimbursed and how they will be reimbursed. Unfortunately, Full Tilt Poker’s statements as regards when US players will actually receive their money is still the same as it was immediately following April 15th.

To say that US players are frustrated with the lack of activity on the reimbursement front from the side of Full Tilt Poker would be the understatement of the century. There are many US player with hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars locked in limbo with Full Tilt Poker with no real end in sight. Compounding their angst is the fact that PokerStars, also affected by Black Friday, had managed to allow US players to begin cashing out their accounts by April 26th. US players are not only waiting to be reimbursed for money left in their player accounts at Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet have yet to distribute their US player funds as well.

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