Titan Poker’s Sit & Go League
Wednesday, 24. February 2010

Titan Poker is running their Sit & Go League promotion throughout the month of March awarding $25,000 in cash. Beginning on March 1st, players will be ranked in accordance to how money Sit & Go tournaments that they win in three separate weekly leagues, with each league representing a different average Sit & Go buy in range. The top 30 players in each league will share their league’s $4,000 prize pool. Each of the three weekly leagues is accompanied by a $1,000 tournament race for the top 200 performers. The time periods for each of the three weekly leagues are listed below:

League 1: March 1st-4th
League 2: March 8th-11th
League 3: March 15th-18th

There are an additional two league periods; one which simply rewards the players that win the most tournaments which awards a $4,000 prize pool to the top 30 players, irrespective of buy-in levels and another which is a championship league open to the top 200 performers from each of the three weekly leagues listed above and awards a $6,000 prize pool to the top performing 30 players.

Tournament Win League: March 22nd-25th
Championship League: March 28th-31st

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