Fire Up Your Star Cruiser Its Battle Of The Planets At PokerStars
Wednesday, 17. February 2010

The PokerStars weekly Battle Of The Planets Sit & Go leader board gives PokerStars’ players the opportunity to compete for prizes worth more than $3,000,000 per year.

In PokerStars’ Battle Of The Planets promotion, their multi player Sit & Go tournaments are separated into 8 different divisions, each named after a planet in the solar system. All players are eligible to take part in the competition regardless of the level of stakes they play. Each planet in the promotion is representative of a different range of buy ins from Mercury at between $1 and $2.99 to Jupiter at $300+. Each planetary division is separated into two leader boards. The Low Orbit Leader Board is the first and is tailored towards the more casual players. The High Orbit Leader Board is the second and is more suited to higher volume players.

Each planetary division is awarded its own weekly prize pool that is distributed evenly between the Low Orbit Leader Board and the High Orbit Leader Board. This means that all players have a chance to cash in on the promotion, irrespective of the size of their bankroll or their level of experience.

The divisions, their respective buy ins and total divisional prize pools are listed below:

Mercury: $1-$2.99 : $3,000 divisional prize pool
Mars: $3-$4.99 : $4,000 divisional prize pool
Venus: $5-$9.99 : $5,000 divisional prize pool
Earth: $10-$19.99 : $6,000 divisional prize pool
Neptune: $20-$49.99 : $7,000 divisional prize pool
Uranus: $50-$99.99 : $8,000 divisional prize pool
Saturn: $100-$299.99 : $9,000 divisional prize pool
Jupiter: $$300+ : $10,000 divisional prize pool

The promotion doesn’t end there. Each player finishing in the top 10 of either one of the 16 Battle Of The Planets leader boards receives an exclusive ticket to a monthly tournament. The Battle Of The Planets monthly tournaments host the highest ranking players from each planetary division fighting it out in a triple shootout for their share of a $50,000 prize pool.

Join PokerStars today and hit the solar system Ming “The Merciless” style in Pokerstars’ Battle Of The Planets.