Join The bwin Team In Las Vegas For The Opportunity Of Lifetime At The WSOP 2011
Sunday, 20. March 2011

Hope that you are ready for the bright lights and big action of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) because it is just around the corner and bwin has the prize packages to get you there. The entire poker universe will converge on Las Vegas for the WSOP 2011 and promises to be a crazy poker spectacle.

bwin Poker is currently running qualifier tournaments for WSOP 2011 prize packages and will continue to do so through June 5th. Players have the opportunity to win two different WSOP 2011 prize packages; $15,000 Main Event Packages and $3,600 Side Event Packages. The $15,000 Main Event Packages include the $10,000 Main Event buy-in, $3,000 towards accommodation at the Venetian Palazzo and $2,000 towards travel and spending money. The $3,600 Side Event Package includes the $1,000 Side Event #54 buy-in, $1,500 towards accommodation at the Venetian Palazzo and $1,100 towards travel and spending money.

bwin Poker want to send as many people as possible to the WSOP this year and that is reflected in the enormous number of opportunities that their players have to win themselves prize packages. Players have a choice of four different routes to take to themselves a WSOP 2011 prize package: the Main Event Route, the Side Event Route, the Leaderboard Route and the $11 Face Off.

The Main Event Route
The Main Event Route offer players the opportunity to win themselves a prize package to the Main Event and the opportunity of a lifetime to claim a huge chunk of cash and earn the respect of the poker world. Players can win themselves a prize package for as low as $2.20 in bwin Poker’s daily qualifier tournaments.

The Main Event Route qualifier structure is as follows:

The Side Event Route
You might think that Event #54 is just some regular $1,000 WSOP No limit Texas Hold’em tournament but think again. This side event is a five day marathon demanding all of the discipline, stamina and skill of the Main Event. Make it through the qualifier tournaments and a prize package to Event #54 is yours. The qualifier tournaments begin as low as $2.20.

The Side Event Route qualifier structure is as follows:

The Freeroll Route
They say that the best things in life are free and so it is true with bwin Poker’s Freeroll Route to the WSOP 2011. Players can freeroll their way to both a Main Event Package and a Side Event Package.

All members of bwin Poker have 10 chances to make their WSOP dreams come true with the Freeroll Route. All that is required to receive a WSOP 2011 Weekly Freeroll ticket is for players to log in to bwin Poker and use the Claim Code:“WSOP2011” in the claim code box found at the bottom of the bwin Poker lobby. Once this is done, all that is left for players to do is earn 1 Poker Point in order to receive a WSOP 2011 Weekly Freeroll ticket. Players can use this claim code 10 times in order to receive tickets to 10 freerolls.

The Freeroll Route tournament structure is as follows:

The Leaderboard Route
The Leaderboard Route is the way of the hard working salt of the earth types. bwin Poker will be hosting two Bi-Weekly Leaderboards and a Total Leaderboard. All of bwin Poker’s scheduled tournaments with a buy-in of a $1 or more will count to the Leaderboards. The winner of the Total Leaderboard will win themselves an amazing $15, Main Event Package. The top 25 finishers of each of the Bi-Weekly Leaderboards will win themselves a ticket to the WSOP Leaderboard Final tournament scheduled to be held on June 5th. The WSOP Leaderboard Final tournament will award one Main Event Package and two Side Event Packages.

The $11 Face Off
If you haven’t bought a ticket or won a prize package by June 5th then this is the tournament for you. The WSOP $11 Face Off is scheduled for June 5th at 20:00 (GMT+1). bwin Poker will be hosting WSOP $11 Face Off Qualifiers for a low $1.20 buy-in. The WSOP $11 Face Off will award 2 Main Event Packages and 3 Side Event Packages to the top five finishers.

The $11 Face Off tournament structure is as follows:

Join bwin Poker and find yourself rubbing elbows with the best.