Texas Hold'em Do’s and Don’ts
Tuesday, 8. December 2009

Texas Hold-em is now one of the most popular games played in casinos. However, although the rules of the game are not complicated, many beginner poker players who have mainly played 5-card draw or other poker games find themselves losing Texas Hold-Em, even when using their best poker strategies. That’s because Texas Hold-Em requires specific strategies and plays.

If you want to improve the chances of winning your next Texas Hold’em game, consider these easy-to-remember do’s and don’ts:

Do play your position - it counts for a lot in Texas Hold’em. If you are in an early betting position, do make sure that you only play very good hands that will be able to take multiple raises. If you are in a late betting position at the poker table you can play medium strong hands.

Don’t play weak hands or even medium hands too often. In most games, Texas Hold’em, becomes a high-card game. That means that lower value hands simply don’t stand the same good chance they stand in 5-card draw, for example.

Do play good hands aggressively. If you have a good chance of winning with a strong hand, it is to your best advantage to get rid of as many players as possible through raises and bluffing. If you can’t get at least some players to fold, then your chances of winning are greatly reduced.

Don’t be afraid to fold, especially if you have early or late betting decisions. Because of the way the game is played, this poker game rarely comes down to a high card win. Usually, at least one player has a genuinely strong hand, and if you are playing several people, odds are good that someone has a very strong hand indeed. In most cases and games, low cards and unconnected medium cards are a weak hand that you should seriously consider folding. This is especially true since Texas Hold-Em pots can get quite big quickly, meaning that you can lose a lot of money unless you bluff supremely well and are playing with very timid players.

Do sometimes take a chance and don’t fold on a medium or weak hand, especially if you won’t lose too much money by doing so. This will ensure that your game is not predictable and can even give you a chance to make a steal.

Don’t move from other poker games to Texas Hold’em with no practice. If you have been playing only 5-card draw poker with your friends, you do not really have the skills you need to play Texas Hold’em with very good players or in a casino. You will simply end up losing. Before playing a game of Texas Hold’em, do at least try playing a free online game at an online casino to learn how the game is played.

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