Tips For Playing Omaha
Monday, 28. December 2009

Omaha Hold’em is a game that has been gaining popularity. If your local poker game hasn’t yet tried Omaha, then chances are that you will try this exciting poker game soon. In Omaha poker, players are dealt hole cards face down and community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the poker table. Players need to create the best hand possible using two of their hole cards and three community cards. The player with the highest hand wins. There is usually a three raise limit per Omaha game, although exact rules can vary from game to game. The dealer will usually announce the exact rules before beginning a game.

Omaha is an exciting game to play, since the community cards let you make educated guesses about the hands other players are holding. On the other hand, since players use of their cards and any three community cards, the various combinations of hands can be quite large and guessing which player has what hand can be complicated. If you want to improve your Omaha game, experts recommend that you follow a few simple tips:

Play the best hands possible. In Omaha, pairs do not win very often. In this game, the best hand often does win, so you should try for a straight, flush, or full house to start really betting. New players will often bet on weaker hands, but if you are playing with a few players and have a pair, then don’t play the hand. Wait for something better.

Study your fellow players. Look out for players who are low on chips and start betting aggressively. They may be looking to use all their chips on a last hand, even when that hand is weaker.

Don’t be afraid to fold. In Omaha, if you have trips or quads (except for all aces) you should fold. You simply do not have a strong enough hand. You need high cards or high and medium suited pairs (such as an ace and king in hearts or a ten and nine in diamonds) in order to even think about playing, because with all the card combinations on the table there is a good hand that some other player will have a hand that beats yours. Low pairs will not usually help you in Omaha the way they might in 5-card draw poker.

Stay alert for the nuts. The “nuts” are the highest possible hands. Looking at the community cards before each card is dealt, make sure that you understand what the highest possible hand out there is. Always understand how well your own hand stands up against the “nuts.” If you are playing with several people, especially, chances are that someone out there has the “nuts” or something close to it, and in Omaha that is the hand most likely to win.

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