The Ins And Outs Of 7 Card Stud
Sunday, 18. December 2011

In 7-card stud poker, each player is dealt seven cards rather than the standard five. Each player must make the best five card hand from their cards and no player is allowed to trade in their cards at any point. You have to play the cards you are dealt, although the two extra cards do give you some options and versatility. Betting takes place early in this game, with a round of wagering taking place as every card is drawn.

To begin playing 7-card stud poker, players gather at a table around the dealer. Each player places a token bet or ante to start up the pot. In some games, this may not be necessary, but in many higher stakes 7-card stud poker games, an ante is expected. Some casinos also demand an ante for 7-card stud. The dealer shuffles the cards and starts dealing. Each player gets their first card face down and betting takes place. Then, each player gets their second card dealt face down and another round of betting takes place. The third card is dealt face up so that every player can see it and more betting occurs. The fourth card is also dealt face up and based on this card players bet again. Betting rounds also take place between the fifth, sixth, and seventh cards, which are all dealt face down so that only the player can see them.

Each player needs to create the best five card hand possible from their seven cards. This means that two cards in each hand are random and do not need to be counted. For example, if you get a three of hearts, a five of hearts, a six of hearts, a five of clubs, a two of hearts, a four of hearts, and an ace of diamonds, you can effectively ignore the club and the diamond and create a straight flush of 2, 3,4,5,6 all of the same suit (hearts). Since you have two cards that are optional, and since other players see a smaller percentage of your cards, 7-card stud poker gives you slightly more room to maneuver than 5-card stud. Since betting is done so frequently, the pot can get very large quickly.

In many games of 7-card stud played at casinos, first bets take place only after the first three cards have been placed. In this style of game, each player is dealt one card face up and two cards face down. The player with the lowest card has to begin betting. If two players have the same card, then the player with the suit with the lowest alphabetical letter begins. For example, someone with a hearts suit would begin betting if the other player had a spades suit of the same card. The player to the left of the beginning bet can fold, raise, or meet the bet, and each subsequent player has the same options until the round is complete. Then, each player is dealt three more cards face up on the table and one more card face down. Between each card there is a round of betting.

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