How To Play Seven Card Hi/Lo
Tuesday, 2. February 2010

Seven Card Hi/Lo is a split pot game awarding two winners in the event that there is a qualifying low hand; the player holding the high hand and the player holding the low hand. The high hand is determined just as it is in regular Seven Card Stud. A low hand, in order to qualify, must have no cards higher than [8] in the lowest five of seven cards dealt. If there are no qualifying low hands then the player with the high hand takes the entire pot.
Seven Card Hi/Lo is a high octane game that can generate massive pots. This is thanks to the fact that there are five betting rounds and that there are players chasing the high hand, the low hand and some player looking to “scoop the pot” and take both.

Low Hand
The determination of the lowest hand is governed by a couple of very simple rules. Straights and flushes are ignored and aces can either be low or high. The only thing that does count is paired cards. This would make the lowest possible hand [A][2][3][4][5], also known as “the wheel.” The lowest hand amongst the lowest qualifying hands is determined by the highest card of the low hand so that [3][4][5][6][7] would beat [A][2][3][4][8]. In the event that players have the same valued low hand, they split half the pot. This is also referred to as getting “quartered” because each player is only claiming one quarter of the pot.

Scooping The Pot
Here is where things get a little interesting. While straights and flushes do not count when determining the lowest hand, they obviously do count when determining the high hand. Should your hand be both the lowest hand and the highest hand, e.g., [A♠][2♠][3♠][4♠][5♠] (straight flush), then you have just gotten lucky and won the entire pot. This is known as “Scooping The Pot.”