How to Play Follow the Queen Poker
Thursday, 15. December 2011

Follow the Queen is sometimes just called Queens. It is a variation of stud poker that is ideal for three to seven players. As the name suggests, the queen cards have a special significance in this poker game. Queens are wild in this game. Each time that a queen is dealt face up on the poker table, the card that follows the queen becomes wild for all players. This adds a certain element of unpredictability to the game. Each time that a player builds a great hand using the wild cards on the table, another queen can always be revealed, creating a new wild card and effectively making the great hand void.

To begin this poker game, each player antes up. Then, the dealer deals two cards down to each player. Players look at their cards before the dealer deals another card face up to each player. The person with the highest card face up on the table begins betting. Then, the dealer deals another card to each player, this one also face up. If a queen card is revealed, the dealer takes the next card from the deck and places it face up in the middle of the table. This is a wild card to everyone. It also automatically increases the betting, because each player now automatically has a pabir showing on the table. Plus, the wild card means that all the same cards in your own hand - whether dealt face up or face down - are wild. This can help create great hands very quickly. The person with the highest hand on the table leads the betting again for another betting round at this point.

A third card is dealt to each player face up. If another queen is revealed on the table, another follow card is dealt face up on the poker table. The previous wild card no longer counts and the new follow card becomes the wild card. Another round of betting follows the dealing of the third card, with the player with the highest hand leading the betting again.

A fourth round, followed by betting, takes place. The dealer then deals each player a final card face down. Each player decides whether to bet or fold, based on all the cards now dealt. The showdown follows among the remaining players still in the game. The holder of the highest hand at the table wins the pot.

This game can be truly hard to strategize for, since a queen can show up at any time, creating a wild card that either creates a great hand or ruins your hand entirely. This can make a game of Follow the Queen very exciting - and very frustrating as well. Since queens can show up at any time, some players like to stay in the game until the very end, since any flip of a card can reveal wild cards that create a great hand. However, it is worthwhile to remember that in some games, no queens are dealt face up on the table at all, meaning that each player needs to play the hand they are dealt with no help from the wild cards at all.

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