How to Play Anaconda Poker
Tuesday, 24. November 2009

Anaconda poker is sometimes called Pass the Trash Draw Poker. It is a fun game to play and can make an interesting change for your next poker game. In this variation of poker, the dealer deals each player seven cards face down. Each player looks at their cards and thinks about the best hand that can be made from the cards. A round of betting usually takes place at this point in the game.

Then, each player removes three cards from their hand and places these discarded cards on the poker table, just to the left. Once this is done, each player picks up the discarded cards left by the person sitting just to their left and will add these cards to their own. In this game, the dealer needs to make sure that each player first removes their cards before looking at the new cards they are getting. Once everyone has their first set of new cards, a round of betting takes place.

At this point in Anaconda poker, each player has to remove two cards from their hand and again place them on the poker table. Only once everyone has done this can every player pass their discarded cards to the person sitting to the right of them. Again, all players look at their cards and try to imagine the best five card poker hand they can build from the cards in their hand. Another round of betting takes place.

At this point, each player has to pass one card to the person sitting to their left. Once this is done, another round of betting takes place before the showdown. The player with the best hand wins the pot. If Anaconda low is being played then the winner is the person with the lowest hand. Anaconda is rarely played hi-low.

In some variations of Anaconda, all cards are passed left rather than both right and left. In some variations, there are more rounds of betting, created by a rollover phase, which some players think ruins the chance for any skillful play. In this variation, once the final pass to the left has taken place, each player must remove the five cards that make up their hand from the rest of their cards. These five cards are placed face down in a stack in front of each player. When the dealer says so, each player flips over their top card. Another round of betting takes place as a result of this exposed card. The players keep turning over their cards, once by one, with betting in between each turn over of the cards, until the winner is revealed. This extra betting can drive the pot up quite high, which is why some players prefer it.

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